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Digital advertising is
our specialty.

Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Android, TikTok, Pinterest...

These platforms are creating space for advertisers and the list will continue to grow! Using our simple 3-step A.D.S. Accelerator Method, we can help you get the most out of your brand. We will find what works (and what doesn't) in order to scale with positive ROI.



Aiming to scale your business upwards?
Our team specializes in Facebook and Instagram ad strategy, development, and scaling. UniqueAnd’s Accelerator spurs your business to sustain scaling growth while meeting its determined goals. 

Our 3 Step A.D.S. Accelerator

Get Ready to Grow 



Your customers are hungry!  We just need to find them and feed them. But before we create, UniqueAnd goes through a thorough audit of your online presence, assess your website and functionality with your back-end systems, & analyzes the behaviors of WHO and WHAT your true target is. From here we can extend your company’s reach further than before.

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Seatbelts! Get ready, because it's about to get traffic heavy! But first we develop the ads, craft compelling copy, create engaging and thumb-stopping creative & distribute it throughout our funnel to show the right messages to the right audiences.



Your ads are launched, as we meticulously optimize your ads. This allows your winning campaigns to scale with their growth and have your ads increase their R.O.I.

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