We're a small but resilient team of former Facebook employees, Google nut-jobs, email marketers, and creative yahoos; all dedicated to your brand's needs. 

Brett Face.jpg

Brett Williams


Like a proper noun, Brett loves people, places, and things. First one in the firehouse, last one to the lounge, we're convinced this dude secretly lives in the office.

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Rohit Ohri

VP, Strategy & Operations

Ro is the newest member of the team but has quickly become the most talkative.  His primary goal is to support Brett and convince him to take time off.


Alex Myron

Media Buyer

More like Alex BUY-ron - this dude buys media like we buy tacos here in Texas. With years at Facebook under his belt he knows all the tricks of the trade!


Angelo Benito Fernandez-Spadaro

Media Buyer

He's like the Angelo-of-all-trades.  He first came on board to help with internal processes but is a top-tier Media Buyer too!


Ciran Atkins

Media Buyer

This kid ain't kiddin' around when it comes to wranglin' ROAS! The Rootinest, Tootinest, funnels this side of the Mississippi. 


Josh Yates

PPC Specialist

Special PPC's are this guy's forte. Rumor has it he actually built Google's dinosaur game in his sleep. Now his dreams are strictly google ads and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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Will Cordell

Illustration & Design

Will is a published illustrator who is driven by his passion for the craft. Detail-oriented by default, he’s anxiously awaiting an excuse to start designing and give your ads a fresh coat of paint.