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Success Stories - Coming Soon! (just ask)


When Hans Schrei landed in Austin, Texas the plan was to set up a bakery named Wunderkeks in the heart of the food destination. Maybe one day people would visit from all over the U.S. and seek out his store. He brought capital, he brought energy he brought expertise. Schrei was ready to bake the best cookies ever. What Schrei did not expect was a pandemic-level obstruction to his storefront strategy.

"My favorite strengths of UniqueAnd is how they are extremely analytic while being super creative. Their expertise in digital advertising is grounded and I feel very comfortable with them handling my growing budget. If I ever have questions, I get detailed strategies and data driven responses which give me a clear understanding of what is happening."

-Hans @Wunderkeks

"UniqueAnd is a different agency experience from maybe what you're used to. They understand my goals, my vision, and I've never had any kind of results like this before!"

- Victor
@Zen Stoic Mastery

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