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The INKED shop provides clothing, merchandise, home goods and artwork that reflect our brand and are available at the click of a mouse. The INKED shop offers a curated selection of INKED exclusive gear and styles from designers we love. Merchandise featured in the pages of INKED magazine can be found within the INKED shop, providing a seamless shopping experience from page to screen.

With well over 100 brands to choose from, the INKED shop provides an experience unlike any other online outlet. Careful selection is used to reflect all factions of the tattoo lifestyle and culture in one e-commerce destination.

Exclusive co-branded merchandise gives our community a unique marketplace that is curated toward our style. We’ve collaborated our point-of-view with the aesthetics of premium brands such as: Affliction, Famous Stars and Straps, Sullen, Sourpuss, InkAddict and OG Abel.

increase facebook traffic by


Online sales growth

600%+in 1.5 mo

Three Months average of

10.73 ROAS

THE CHALLENGE: The challenge here was the ‘grass is always greener’ client. We have previously run successful ad campaigns for InkedShop before but they decided to switch agencies to save money on their retainer. After months of declining sales and seeing no growth Inkedshop showed back up on our doorstep. We were happy to welcome them back and recoup the lost ground. Other challenges: many catalog items aren’t allowed on FB. Account has had issues with disapproved ads due to noncompliance of FB policy.

Services Provided

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Facebook Ads

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Instagram Ads

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Google Ads

Asset 4-8.png

Creative & Copy

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UNIQUEAND’S SOLUTION: We started by reorganizing the structure of their campaigns. Tested different audiences until we found winning ones. Created content and copy for all ads. Created a custom catalog with FB approved items only for top of funnel targeting. Once the account started running smoothly we gradually grew it, increasing spend and audience sizes to capture more purchasers while continuously updating the creative content. 

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